How To Declare Your Final Wishes

Life is a fleeting thing.  One moment you are alive, having a good time enjoying life then the next you are no longer here, taking the trip to the next great adventure.  When this occurs there are many left behind here grieving and needing to pull the pieces together.  For those left behind the aid of wills cape charles va can help define how the estate and your finial wishes should be carried out.

Your remains

The first and possibly the most pressing condition for the will is the determination of your remains.  Making sure that your final wishes are met is very important.  Do you want to be cremated or do you want to be buried?  Where do you want your ashes spread or given to?  Making these wishes known will ensure that the will be followed.


When we die we have property.  This can be physical property, money and even debt.  When we die the disbursement of your property to your friends and family must also be put into your will.  The last thing people want to have happen is fight over these items.

Choosing an executor

The executor of the will is the person or entity that you put in charge of your estate.  This is typically the oldest child in the family.  However, this doesn’t have to be so.  Anyone you choose can be the executor.  This person will be responsible for all of your final details. Will have control over your estate and will be the power to make all the decisions.

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Contesting the will

When it comes to wills, not everyone will be happy with what is found inside.  In many cases family members will contest the will, trying to get something or have something happen that they don’t feel is right.  To avoid this try to make everything as crystal clear as possible.

When putting together your will talk to a lawyer.  They will help you sort out all of the details and make your finish wishes clear.